Ikigai For Businesses

The ISL Ikigai For Businesses

Using the IKIGAI principles to align your business purpose to your Team.
Ikigai is a Japanese philosophy which dates back three millennia, and which translates as a ‘reason for being’. It helps people get clear on their purpose in life, leading to wellbeing and satisfaction. As businesses develop and grow building more resilient and sustainable teams is paramount to being successful. We use the ikigai principles to help you clarify and realign your business purpose, growth plan and profit.

Having a clear direction or purpose in life makes one’s life worthwhile. It helps people make decisions that create personal or professional satisfaction and give a sense of meaning to their life. As August Birch says, “ikigai is the merger between who we are, how we can serve others, and what we love to do.”

 Solution-focused approach
Coaching for transformation
Cognitive behavioural approach
Grounding methods/Meditation

“If we want to feel an undying passion for our work, if we want to feel we are contributing to something bigger than ourselves, we all need to know our WHY.”


Finding the meaning behind what we do to enjoy the experience a lot more & to achieve greater success.

Better experience / better performance
To be a more effective and productive person – helping you develop your professional skills, qualifications, and career.

Financial Independence
To make life decisions without being overly stressed about the financial impact. To control your finance instead of being controlled by them and pursue what is important to you.

Add meaning to your assignment or journey

To discover your true potential and your unused talents, build a life with a different view following your values & create a better world around you.

Build strong supportive relationships

To combat loneliness, find personal support & adjust to different business culture.

A seven-year study by scientists from Tohoku University in Sendai on 43,000 people showed that those who did not have a sense of Ikigai in their lives were more at risk of being sick, feeling lonely, exposed to more stress and unemployment and even had a significantly higher risk of mortality.

Finding your own Ikigai will result in having a more positive outlook on life leading to happiness and, since Ikigai is also associated with a healthier and more active lifestyle it can help reduce the risk of illnesses.

The IKIGAI for businesses includes:
 Solution-focused approach
1.5 Hour group session to work with your business purpose
Pre-session preparation work with Ikigai workbook
15 Participants maximum
Via Zoom

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