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"It Captivated my curiosity..."

Trusting Your Inner Guru is like looking for the key to a chest of drawers containing the answers to the questions you have. It is lying down somewhere in the basements among old books, unwanted clothes, and a pile of cobwebs. You can not see it yet, because you need time to find it in the dark and chaos of what life may be. The knowledge gained during the webinar helped me to sort out this chaos because it equipped me with a light that illuminated my inner darkness, it captivated my curiosity and ensured me that the key is there, I just needed to look for it. You can feel this in the way you are spoken to, supported the webinar. I believe Angelina and I wanted to reach a similar level

- Ana

"The tasks inspired me..."

For me, it was important to understand what I want to do, what I care about. This support space that you created helped me a lot with this. The tasks you proposed drew me in and inspired me. I discovered areas and features that are important to my life, but I was looking at them from a distance. So, thanks to the challenge, I can now take a closer look at them, tame and integrate them into my life. I can get access to them more and more and allow myself to embrace them.

- Agnes

"Great dose of energy..."

A great dose of energy and inspiration. Such a positive "kick" to move and work on yourself!

- Natalia

"A very valuable workshop..."

I recommend this course with all my heart. A very valuable workshop that digs deep into your heart. From here, it is for me only a step away from great changes.

- Magda

"I strongly recommend attending..."

I took part in the weekly course "Discover Your Ikigai" in August 2019. Angelina Piechowska is someone who is able to combine both, reading the minds and assessing the needs of the participants. She can read our emotions and provide us with great support, both in a group or individually.

I have 39 and a half springs behind me. Yes, exactly like the series with Tomasz Karolak. I was experiencing a self-esteem crisis, and thanks to this course, I slowly started to rediscover myself. Most importantly, I accept who I am and have started to understand myself. Thanks to the materials provided by Angelina, I know which direction I should follow and I am now about to start a master's degree in the UK.

For some people, this may be trivial, but for others like me, it is a huge step forward. The course, the support of the facilitator and the participants gave me the motivation and strength to face my own demons and to regain my self-confidence, my Ikigai. I strongly recommend attending this course to anyone who wishes to understand or re-discover themselves. You will not only win your own self back but also a group of wonderful people who remain supportive of each other even after the end of the week journey.

Angelina, Thank you very much!

- Maya

"The challenge gave me a readiness..."

The challenge gave me a readiness to let go of my self-disbelief, and I got very close to understanding why.

- Elisabeth

"It was fun to pause for a moment..."

I can listen to Angelina for hours because she has such an amazing power using metaphors and stories. It was fun to pause for a moment and think about what life is all about.

- Kate

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