Who is the School of Ikigai for?

If you have the impression that something holds you back, but you do not know what it is,
If you want to feel more connected with yourself and develop your self-awareness,
If you want to have a clearer picture of what drives you,
If you want to find a job that fulfills your passions, skills and financial expectations,
If you want to take proper actions to follow the right directions in your private and professional life,
If you want to treat you past as a ‘treasure box’ and future as a ‘ocean of possibilities,
If you want to work with innovative tools but be under the careful eye of a psychologist.

Then the School of Ikigai is for you.

What will we do?

Prior to the start of the workshops, you will receive a pre-work task to do. When working with your PAST and PRESENT it will consist of a psychological test to check the STRENGH and PERSONALITY you have and on which your life can be built upon. The results provided will give you the foundation to create the most beautiful and awaiting future!
Each workshop will provide you with:
A 2-hour session offering 30 minutes knowledge – 30 minutes case studies/examples – 60 minutes networking to focus on your case.
3 real life case studies from my psychologist individual or group practice which will provide you with ideas on how you could work through your own past and take the best out of it.
Innovative psychological methods* and real-life examples which can be used and applied straight away to feel relief almost immediately.
Questions to help you connect with your InnerGuru
Networking opportunities to build strong supportive relationships with like-minded people (DreamTeam).
Psychological tests to get to know yourself better.

Workshops Overview

30 minutes presentation

To share information/knowledge and details of various methods* to apply to your own reality enabling you to increase your level of wellbeing and self-awareness.

30 minutes case studies

To share real life experiences/case studies of like-minded people, showing you how they worked with their past & future, and why it is so important for you to start as soon as you can.

60 minutes collaboration

To work together in small groups and connect with others in a safe space allowing you to work on your most urgent needs and desires.
*Methods: Dramatic Triangle, ID,EGO, SUPER EGO, Roles in the family, Inner Critic, Mask vs Authenticity, Imprinting, Habits, Defensive Mechanism, Working with Metaphor, Emotional Intelligence/RAIN
All workshops will be conducted via the ZOOM platform.
The first hour of the workshops (Knowledge & Case studies) will be recorded so you can watch them later but the last hour (collaboration) will NOT be recorded to provide you with a safe space to express yourself and share your stories.
All resources, links to test, presentations, list of methods and resources used during the workshops will be emailed to you so you can use them in the future.
Joining instructions, pre-work tasks as well as follow up, inspirations and feedback survey will also be emailed to you.
Angelina, Psychologist Solution- Focused Brief Therapist will be available for one hour after each workshop to answer your questions or anything new or insightful you wish to discuss from a psychological point of view.

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