What to expect during the workshop….

* Introduction to the concept of Heroine’s Journey
* Work with Your Inner Resources
* Internal & External Insight to support your growth
* Work with metaphors to discover more
* Network with others and build friendships
* Quiet moment of selfcare & guided meditation
* Valuable time spent with yourself and others


Date TBC
Time TBC (lunch included)
Address TBC,
Line 1, Line 2, Birmingham

The Heroine’s Journey Workshop

“I’m leaving with a sense of how easy it is to drop into alignment when you just chat to other open hearted women”. Nadja


We all are in our Heroine’s Journey cycle. We may be each at a different stage in this cycle, but we have one thing in common; the fact that we are all evolving.

We go from being a superhero with the World in our hands to a down to earth human-being with up and down moods.

It is necessary to experience these in our journey and it is a beautiful thing that we can explore together by sharing our feelings and ideas. Remember every time we experience an ‘under blanket mood” it may not feel great, but even the rose only left with its stalk in winter, flourishes again.


Inspiring Saturday Letter

We write them so that you have continued inspiration to help you grow and flourish.

Plus, special BONUS: Mini e-book – How to emotionally support your family when you are an ambitious working expat mum!

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