"Once you discover your ikigai, pursuing it and nurturing it every day will bring meaning to your life."

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What are the Iki-Lab workshops?

The IKI-LAB workshops are interactive live sessions created to support all “Discover your Ikigai Challenge” alumni to work on and strengthen their IKIGAI. To help them follow their Iki-word and create their Iki-world!

What do you get?

  • Monthly LIVE Workshops  – The soul & the tools, the energy and the alignment. Via Zoom 75mins live and interactive sessions led by a qualified psychologist and with like-minded people. Be part of a TRIBE that will empower you and support you to reach your goal.
  •  Monthly LIVE motivational work to keep you in the process and to keep your momentum going.
  •  Monthly LIVE Q&As – show up, drop-in, bring whatever your need support with and let’s get you moving!
  •  Monthly resources and follow ups – to help you pursue and nurture your Ikigai every day.
  • Access to the ISL COMMUNITY – where you’ll find YOUR people. It’s where real friends are made, collaborations born & where you’ll find ALL the support you’ll ever need.
  • Weekly LIVE coffee with ISL – that extra magic touch with lots of change makers tips, advice, stories, guest experts to take you to the next level in your life.





Example of sessions

  • ✓ How to use your resources to strengthen you IKIGAI (Triangle of Power)
  • ✓ Create good habits to develop your IKI-word! (Habit Tracker)
  • ✓ Past, Present & Future – how to use your experience to follow your IKIGAI?
  • ✓ Vision board- create your IKI-WORLD! Etc.

"A great dose of energy and insporation. Such a positive 'Kick' to move and work on yourself!"
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"It was important to understand what I want to do, what I care about. This support space that you created helped me a lot with this. The tasks you proposed drew me in and inspired me. I discovered areas and features that are important in my life, but I was looking at them from a distance."
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"I recommend the Ikigai course with all my heart. A very valuable workshop that digs deep into your heart. From here, it is for me only a step away from great changes."
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Upcoming Sessions

All sessions held at 18:00PM UK time.
How to use your resources to strengthen your IKIGAI (Triangle of Power)
Create good habits to develop your Iki-word (Habit tracker)
Hero Journey – how to use your past experiences to work on your Iki-word
Be present & be connected – Iki-word evaluation process
Art & creativity: Haiku – feel the power of your IKIGAI
IKIGAI cards – brainstorming session, new ideas for your IKIGAI

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