What Can I Expect?

Every day before dawn, you will receive a letter to help you pause for a moment and gather the energy to go through your day. A letter to help you set your intention for the day, to give you the power to continue and to bring you hope, peace and courage. One letter from me every morning with one story, one quote, or one inspirational task which, received at the right time, will bring you the strength and the determination to carry on. This plan was inspired by the story of C whom I met a few months ago.
Walking through the streets of Manchester on a rainy day, C realised that she no longer wanted to be here. Her life had become too much of a burden and numerous attempts to find hope had not brought her any relief. She had decided that today for the day for her to go and end her life.
As she walked towards the end of her journey she stepped on a small colourful card with the famous quote by John Lennon – Everything will be okay in the end, if it’s not okay, it’s not the end. This card saved her life and which of her close ones whose suffering would have had no end.
Letters of Hope were created for C, for you and for myself.

What is the prupose of the Letters of Hope?

To enable you to clear your mind. One day, one task.
To allow you to process your emotions. Life can be overwhelming sometimes and it is good to pause and give yourself time to reflect wisely.
To unleash your creativity. Every day you will go through a process of designing yourself, listening to yourself & learning about storytelling.
To silence your inner critic and help you connect with your inner self.

Inspiring Saturday Letter

We write them so that you have continued inspiration to help you grow and flourish.

Plus, special BONUS: Mini e-book – How to emotionally support your family when you are an ambitious working expat mum!

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