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ISL Club

The ISL Club is a safe live platform available for you to build a network of friends and business relationships with people from all over the globe. It will help you develop your confidence, your skills and help you develop and grow your business.

ISL courses are based on the “Solution focused philosophy” which will help you discover your purpose in life via a range of methods such as master classes, webinars, exercises etc. They are one-off courses.

Live meetings are mainly conducted via Zoom. We also use Facebook Groups for all members to interact with each other’s and for us to post any relevant updates and exercises. Occasionally we may use other platforms for ad-hoc meetings or activities creating more interesting environments in which case you will be notified.
You can cancel your club membership at any time. Just log into your account or email us at contact@internationalschooloflife.com

Payments and subscriptions

Payments can be made online by card via Stripe as per advertised on the website. If you have any queries, please email us at contact@internationalschooloflife.com.
When you sign up, you will have an account page where you are free to completely manage your payments and cancel your subscription.
When you sign up, you will have an account page where you are free to completely manage your payments/cards and memberships.
Yes, your subscription will be renewed automatically and payments will be taken each month on a recurring basis.
We will email you a copy of your invoice upon subscription. You can also download Invoices from your account.

Dream Map

The workshops will be conducted via Zoom. We also will be using Facebook and Signal for all dreamers to interact with each other’s and for us to post any relevant updates and exercises. Occasionally we may use other platforms, in which case you will be notified in advance.
If you are not able to attend one of your workshops, please contact us as soon as possible so we can re-schedule your session to a later date.
The workshops have been prepared by a Psychologist using the Solution Brief Focused Therapy and will last approximately 3hrs each. During the workshops you will be expected to work in teams to explore your dreams, ideas, and vision. We will use a mixture of tools such as meditation, music, questions time etc to support the creation of your dream map.
Don’t worry if you have missed a set of workshops as we will be running new sessions every couple of months.

Overcome your fear

This course is delivered fully online via our ISL portal. All documents, videos, podcasts etc will be accessible from the portal as you progress through the course.
Whilst we recommend that you complete the course within 7 days to keep to the momentum, we understand that other factors such as work commitments may interfere, therefore, we will give you access to the portal for 2 months. If you need a longer access, please contact us.
Every day will be different but will start with a short introduction followed by a meditation session prior to getting access to your daily module and exercises. To end the day we will resume with an end f day task and meditate together.
You can join this course at any time since it is fully supported online. There is no deadline for registration.

ISL Classes

Yes, the ISL live classes are completely free and there are no extra or hidden costs. You can sign up for them in total confidence.
The ISL classes will be conducted via Zoom. You will be emailed the link to access your class prior to the session.
If you are not able to attend the session, they will be recorded so you may be able to access it at a later stage. Further details will be made available on our website. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Letters of Hope

You will receive them every day before dawn.
You don’t have to but you are invited to do so. It will set a good rhythm and help you create a new habit of working with yourself.
Please let us know at contact@internationalschooloflife.com

Our Purpose is helping you to flourish abroad.


Inspiring Saturday Letter

We write them so that…

1. You remember you can make it!
2. You have the inspiration + tools to build your life abroad!

Plus, special BONUS:
Mini Course presenting the Dragon Dreaming Approach – how to DREAM, PLAN, ACT & CELEBRATE.

Let’s create a future in which we all flourish. Are you in?

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