The ISL Club!

"We believe that in the 21st century business and personal growth are about people and connections. To be successful we need a good network and strong relationships. We, therefore, created the International School of Life Club. We meet every Monday to give you access to exclusive sessions and opportunities to find some support and develop your personal or professional skills, as well as the ability to collaborate and network with its members.

What is the ISL Club?

The ISL Club is a safe space dedicated to Expat Women who are thinking about moving abroad or have already moved & who value personal growth and community building in a "creative way".

With the support of our international community they can MEET, CONNECT and GROW together, developing their wellbeing and achieving their private or professional goals.

Whilst knowledge, content and experience are valuable, we know at the ISL that a supportive community and strong relationships can boost energy and motivation to help people flourish abroad.

With us you will

+ connect with people from all over the world to build long lasting relationships helping you grow - “we may go faster alone but we go further together.”
+ feel empowered and inspired to develop your existing career or change pathway
+ improve your wellbeing by attending weekly sessions designed by a Psychologist, who will boost your inspiration, bring positive energy and develop your creativity.
+ increase your sense of belonging and improve your language and people skills.
+ learn to trust yourself and to take decisions in line with your own values.

You will get access to:

Bi-monthly live gatherings

75mins live sessions via Zoom to connect with our members and work on various monthly topics to help you boost your creativity, persistence, and confidence. Using a variety of tools and resources we will support you, inspire you and empower you to build the life you always dreamed of.

Bi-monthly recordings

Pre-recorded audio or video sessions using various resources such as articles, podcasts, email with a story, mini workbooks etc to empower you and motivate you to stay on track with developing your skills and opportunities in your private or professional life and to help you find more fulfilment and purpose.

The Library of Content

Access to the ISL online portal guided meditation series, wellbeing & business pages as well as to a vast range of resources, such as calendar of events, articles, special recordings, classes, or workshops recordings to support you through your journey.

ISL Forums

A place where we invite our members to promote their business, service, knowledge, or experience. In the ISL Forums you will get the opportunity to network and advertise yourself amongst all the members of our international community.

Private online community

A safe and supportive space allowing you to communicate freely and share your ideas and dilemmas with other members who understand you and who like you inspire to grow. Also a place for us to post any updates, exercises, tips etc.

One to one sessions (Premium+ only)

Once per month you will be able to book a 50 minutes, one to one mentoring/psychology session with Angelina, Psychologist, Solution Brief Focused Therapist (valued at GBP199). A goal-directed collaborative approach to psychotherapeutic change that is conducted through direct observation of people’s responses to a series of precisely constructed questions.

Feedback from others that are now flourishing at home or abroad

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