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The Dream Map Course supported by our Psychologist Angelina comprises of 6 hours of workshops during which you will create a dream map which will be the centre piece of your future. You will also be provided with daily work and exercises to explore, and consolidate your learning as well as ongoing access to our Facebook community, as an extension of the course to support you build your future life and grow as a result.

Course outline

In the uncertainty of today’s world, we all need more clarity in our lives. With the support of a Psychologist, you will create a dream map based on your chosen direction which will be the centre piece of your future, leading you to your dreams. You will give yourself the opportunity to design your life and to grow as a result.

What you will get access to:

Live Workshops

Benefit from 6 hours of live workshops with a Psychologist, solution-focused brief therapist, and educator.

Plan Your dream Map

Plan your Dream Map to give you a clear direction for the future and become the person you aspire to be.

Dreamer's Community

Connect with our “dreamers community” to increase your self-confidence and motivation.

International Network

Expand your international network and grow your opportunities.

ISL Dashboard

Access to the ISL dashboard to monitor your progress throughout the course.

Angelina's Dream Map Story

I created my first Dream Map in 2014, in the middle of a harsh winter in Poland. I was working for General Electric and day after day I was becoming more and more unhappy. I did not like my job anymore and I did not have a clue of who I wanted to be, what I wanted to achieve. I was barely surviving until weekend.

My friend Kate bought me a ticket for a “Design your Dream Map” workshop organised by Eva Foley. To be honest I did not really believe that it would change anything but since I had nothing to lose, I attended. I created my first map. I came back home and put the map away and forgot about it for about 9 months until my friend called me to ask if I had checked my map recently. I told her that I had not looked at it since the workshop, so she asked me to check I right away!

I could not believe it. Without noticing it, my dreams had come true. Everything on the map was part of my reality, Kate was right. On my map I had put the dream of becoming a public speaker and 3 months after the workshop took place, I gave a speech to hundreds of people at a conference. I had also put the dream of opening my Psychology Office and I did. I also wanted to speak fluently English and whilst it did not happen for over 12 months later, it happened.

All the dreams from my map became real. Would you like to try?

What Can I Expect?

The workshops have been prepared by a Psychologist using the Solution Brief Focused Therapy. They will be delivered via Zoom. We recommend that you set up yourself via a mobile laptop or tablet, in a comfortable and quite place with access to pens and paper.

During the workshops you will be working in small teams to explore your dreams together, share your ideas and vision so you can create the best dream map for yourself. The synergy effect, feedback from your peer and insight you will get are in-valuable. We will be using a mixture of tools to support the creation of your dream map such as guided meditation, peer to peer support, music, questions etc. After the completion of both workshops, you will have a clear vision of the path you need to follow to become the person you want to be in the year to come.

Our Workshops

During the first workshop we will focus on your future, past and present and explore WHY and WHAT.

To move forward it is important to look at your past, and review what you have achieved so far. Looking at the present time will help you establish where you are, right now, to determine where you want to go. Finally, we will be able to plan your future, your vision board.

During the second workshop we will be focusing on the implementation in your daily life of the things you have mapped out at the first workshop. You will be able to recognise and decide on what could work or not and adjust your direction. You will receive support and feedback from your mentor and peers within the group.
We will invite you to join our FaceBook group so you can connect with other participants and share ideas and views on the design of your dream map. If you wish you can create a physical dream map using cardboard, magazines, coloured paper, paint, etc to use as your actual visible dream map.

It will also be a time for you to acknowledge your inner and external reflection. A time for you to connect with your intentions and dreams which will allow you in the second workshop to discover the best resources and methods to achieve this.

BUT……is this really for me? Have I got time for this?

Investing just a few hours of your time to create something which will give you a clear path for your future, for months to come is worth it.

You may feel that you are more of a rational person and that a “dream” map is not the kind of thing you would go for. Well, if this is the case, I invite you even more to take part. You will be working on the imagination side of your brain by switching from the more analytical side which you more frequently use and using both hemispheres of your brain is greatly beneficial.

You may consider creating a dream map by yourself, without having to pay for it! Yes of course you can but the most valuable benefit of the workshops is to work with a team. Learning from other people involved in the same process as you will help you discover and explore your goal further. It is important to have some inner reflection, but external reflection is especially important too.

You may feel that it is too much of a “magical” course! Sometimes life can be a little magical however behind your dream map there are some scientific effects such as the connection between your neurons, the visualisation etc. It is not about beliefs; it is about what you see for yourself and achieving it.

Number of places will be limited so we can offer you the best support and you can benefit from the best interaction as possible. If you are interested but cannot attend for any reason please let us know, there is always ways we can support you.

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