Why you should write down your goals!

Published: Wednesday 17th February, 2021.
How can you dream and plan during a worldwide pandemic when living abroad? The answer is, the same way as usual, but with different tools and ideas.

Firstly, I want to tell you why you should write down all the goals you want to achieve.

Let’s start with the expression: “manuscripts don't burn" - "(рукописи не горят)” ― Mikhail Bulgakov, The Master and Margarita

When you write something down, it becomes real. If you only keep it in your mind it can easily disappear, change or you can build a different story each time you think about it. Write it down on a piece of paper.

Secondly, allow your brain to help you process the information.

Encoding is the act of getting information into your memory system through automatic or effortful processing. Storage is the retention of information, and retrieval is the act of getting information out of storage and into conscious awareness through recall, recognition, and relearning.
You should put as much information as you can on an external device where it will be safe and where you will have the capacity to deal with other things. Keep it simple, maybe write a journal or just a check list but be precise. Do not keep it in your mind because your resources are limited, and you should manage them wisely.

Thirdly you should have a clear version of where you are going.

When you write things down, they become more precise. You can write a number, a time, or any other specific details. If you dream about a new job, you cannot just write down “new job” as it does not mean anything, it is too general. You need to detail exactly what you would like to do? What mission you are aiming for? How much would you like to earn? It is important to know where you are going, just like when you drive from London to Liverpool for example, you enter the precise direction into your GPS. It is the only way for you to arrive at your destination. You should do the same with the things you are dreaming of in life.

Here is Agatha’s story who attended the Dream Map course with me a few years ago:

“A few years ago, when I left my husband after 10 years of marriage, I walked out with 3 kids and decided to start again. I remember when Angelina said to me at the time to first “create” a Map of my dreams before allowing any guys again in my life. I had never done this before. She invited me to the event “Dream Map”. I had never taken part or heard anything about this technique of creating a future. When I started cutting pictures out of magazines I was focusing on my perfect future. I was imagining the perfect man - how he would exactly look, even his height, being older than me, handsome with a beard etc. In my head I was thinking about a strong personality. A man who knows what he wants from life, independent and mature. With this picture in mind, I walked out of the “Dream Map” workshop talking to different guys on a dating website and I already knew who I was searching for. After a few weeks I met with the man of my imagination except that he was real. He was exactly how I wanted him to be. Our first date happened 7 days later, and we are together till today. He is caring, handsome, independent and he has a beard! Dream map works. Believe me, believe in it and use your imagination”

When writing everything down, be as precise as you can, it pays! As you use your hand, you invite to this process a physical movement which does not happen when you dream or imagine things. When you write, different parts of your brain are switched on, in comparison to when you only think.

There are a lot of hypothesis around this, but you can check them out for yourself. For example, over the next 21 days write down each day 5 new goals. Your list could contain things such as:

• I want to learn 10 new words in Chinese each day.
• I want to meditate each day for 10 minutes with Headspace.
• I want to play with my children 15 minutes before their bath.
• I want to eat more healthy food.
• I want to nurture my mind with good positive things.

You can start today and write down on paper your first 5 goals. Build on this list over the next 21 days and see what happens next!