8 Great reasons to move abroad

Published: Monday 4th January, 2021.
Having moved to England 3 years ago I know what it is like to live abroad. I know exactly how it feels when you are far away from your friends and family. Moving for work reasons, to build a new life or to fulfil a dream. It is a huge price to pay. But is this a price worth paying, like me? When you try to build a new life, you need to be very committed and to believe in what is possible. The harvest can be really fruitful. On one hand you may have to pay a price, but on the other hand you will receive a lot back. You have to balance what you win versus what you lose!
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1. Discover a new culture - get out of your own bubble!

If you have been living in the same country since you were born, you already know everything about it. What its people are like, what the food tastes like, its general philosophy. You will have been living in a bubble where everything is familiar, even sometimes too similar. If you move abroad, you can open up your horizons and discover what exists outside of your bubble. You can meet new people from different paths in life, with different ways of thinking and views, you can discover new places and try new challenges. It would be mind blowing! Scientists say that our brain is the connection between all the senses which are surrounding us. This means that you would change and would never be the same person again! It can really change your life for the better.

Would you like to try and take up this challenge? Maybe start to write down your own list of pros and cons of living abroad!

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2. Feel an explosion inside your brain - so many senses, it is life changing!

Your brain, your mind and therefore yourself, will be given new possibilities, exposing you to new ways of thinking, new tastes, new perspectives. You will be able to start a new life, to reinvent yourself. It is not easy but your brain would say a big ‘thank you’ for doing this. It is a good exercise to train your neuroplasticity to build new neuro associations, to develop your skills. Your brain will love the changes. It would be like practising body building at the gym where you build on your muscles. By living abroad, you build your mind.

3. Immerse yourself

For sure moving abroad will change your life. You will naturally overcome some obstacles and challenges therefore you will easily understand what the words ‘I CAN’ mean. Whilst fully immersing yourself you will build the strength and the confidence that you need to achieve most things. You can build relationships and create a new community around you with a good network of people who are coming from all over the world and have followed a similar path, a similar experience. It is very beneficial to be in the company of people from different cultures and backgrounds.

4. Learn a new language, great life skills!

In actual fact, as soon as you move to your new country, you will start to learn a new language. You will hear people around you, read signs in the street, listen to the radio or television. It will be hard, challenging, but also fun and embarrassing sometimes but before you realise it you will develop to a good level of speaking and understanding much faster than by reading books. If you move to an English or Spanish speaking country, you will very easily be able to speak with half of the world. If you think about developing an online business for example, you can imagine the opportunities that will be opening up to you.

Write down what in your opinions would be all the advantages of speaking another language.

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5. Developing your adaptation skills!

Living abroad will make you the queen of adaptation. You cannot predict what will happen in the future but what is certain is that you will always need to adapt. Adapting is a great skill to have as it gives you the opportunity to grow and more confidence which is something you will never regret. For example, we did not expect Covid-19 and here we are having to adapt our lives. Who knew that the world would adapt so quickly you a new digital life. Everyone would prefer to erase 2020. Yes, me too! However, we have had to adapt and we are still adapting to be ready for a lot more changes ahead of us. On a more global scale from conflicts, global warming to refugees crisis, we have to constantly adapt and be ready to move. We have to prepare ourselves and be flexible. We cannot find inner security in the places we live in today, because we do not know what kind of situation we will have to face tomorrow. So be ready and start to prepare yourself right now.

6. Become more independent

Don’t we all like freedom? oh yeah, I do! To be independent, live where you want to live, be who you want to be. To achieve as much as you can without limiting yourself. You will need to think wisely, something better may be waiting for you. Not that your present life is not good or that you are in a bad position, but do not be afraid to explore other options to see what is around the corner. It is not a test or dress rehearsal but it is the only life you have. Here and now! Nothing else. Don’t waste your time. Be fulfilled and free.

When was the last time you felt independence, freedom? Have you unleashed the real you yet?

7. Boost your career!

Working abroad can really open up your career. Many organisations operate across borders and your interest in different cultures and approaches can really benefit employers and ultimately help you climb the ladder. Working in a multinational firm or with international businesses is one thing you should have on your list of future skills. Something you will be able to add to your CV. You will not build your career and life in a day but the wait is worth it. You often can overestimate what you can achieve in a year but underestimate what you can achieve in 10 years.

What would you like to achieve in the next 5 years? Do you even know what you are capable of?

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8. Become the person who achieves what she wants to achieve

Leonardo da Vinci — 'One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.'

You will learn a lot about yourself, about your emotions, your stamina, how far you can push your limits, you will become the person who will start to think: ”I can achieve what I want to achieve”.

You will develop yourself, you will deal with obstacles, you will learn to manage your emotions. Whatever it is, whatever it takes you will go through it. Day by day, you will improve who you are and what kind of impact you want to have in this world.

What is your role on Earth? What is your X-Factor?

Write down your answers, do not judge yourself, just write them down!