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The International School of Life

Supporting personal development for working expat mums and business professionals

Building an International Community to help you live a more fulfilled life, unlock your potential, develop your skills and realise your ambitions. Helping you grow and flourish.

your talent

Learn to understand yourself and the potential you have, to live a more fulfilled private and professional life.

your network

Connect with people to share knowledge, experiences and open yourself to new opportunities.

Increase your career opportunities

Increase your self-confidence, recognise your strengths, develop your business, skills or even work collaboratively to unlock your opportunities and succeed.

To help you grow and flourish

The ISL Club

Membership: From £29.99 / Per Month
The ISL Club is a safe online support network and community for working expat mums who are trying to balance family commitments with professional growth.

It is a place where you will receive innovative psychological support to learn how to boost your confidence, increase your assertiveness and deal with your emotions. A place where you will find personal or professional fulfilment through the exchange of personal experiences.

If you are a busy mum living abroad, needing new ways to develop your well-being and deal with a crazy family & work life then the ISL Club is the place for you!

Free Classes

No membership fee required
How to plan and dream during a worldwide pandemic? How to build relationships and create safer networking spaces? How to manage negative emotions and develop self-esteem?
It is a great feeling to have an influence on designing our life and building it just the way we want. To share our knowledge and to help you thrive and reach your full potential, we, are offering to all expats, migrants, immigrants, free online classes to help you build a new life.

Dream Map

Course Price: £249.99
Create a dream map based on your own learning style and your chosen direction which will be the centre piece of your future, leading you to your dreams. The workshops have been prepared by a Psychologist using the Solution Brief Focused Therapy.

How to Overcome Fear

Course Price: £349.99
We created this course to give you the knowledge and tools you need to change your relationship with anxiety. We want you to sit in the driver’s seat and take control of your life. Regardless of what the other passengers are telling you, you are the one steering the wheel, the way you want it, in the direction you decide to go!

Our Vision!

Our vision is to become a worldwide reputable and recognised community helping women of all international backgrounds to thrive, unlock their talent and reach their full potential.

Our Mission!

The mission of The International School of Life (ISL) is to coach and support women worldwide to live a more fulfilled life and realise their ambitions. The ISL will help them understand their deeper purpose in life, help recognise their strengths and unlock their potential to succeed.

Why us?

We offer professional support by a qualified psychologist providing courses, platforms and one to one opportunities beyond traditional coaching methods. Using the Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) approach we will inspire you to better understand yourself, your environment, and the opportunities you have.

Who are we?

Co-Founders of the ISL, Angelina and Bonny have both followed their dream to living abroad and have developed successful lives and careers.

Our Why?

To inspire people to do what inspire them so that together, we can make an impact on their life.

What our amazing people say!

To help you grow and flourish


Inspiring Saturday Letter

We write them so that you have continued inspiration to help you grow and flourish.

Plus, special BONUS: Mini e-book – How to emotionally support your family when you are an ambitious working expat mum!

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